Emine: Building a Magnetic Employer Brand

Top 10 Employer Branding Consulting/Services Companies in Europe - 2020

In today’s competitive job market where ‘talentism is the new capitalism,’ any employer has to not only recruit but also retain the best talents. However, harnessing talent becomes a moving target at a time when there is a growing demand for virtual employment and talent mobilization. But the loyalty of employees and workers hinges on the experience at the workplace as well as the range of benefits they get from the employer. To that end, organizations that have a well-defined people’s plan as part of their employer branding strategy are likely to gain maximum value from their talent capital.

Enterprises are increasingly seeking to revamp their brand image and are spending more time and resources on talent acquisition. With their rich expertise and deep understanding of the market trends, many HR services companies are helping enterprises with tailor-made solutions. They play an instrumental role in establishing an enterprise’s image. They strive to align the client’s employee value proposition (EVP) with the core value, mission, and vision of the company. Leveraging social media and video interviews, the consulting firms are aiding companies in recruiting talent faster.

It goes without saying that EVP development and employer brand activation are crucial for success in the employer branding arena today. With an unmatched understanding of the different markets and employee preference analysis know-how, innovative HR service providers are helping their clients stay ahead of the competition.

This edition of HR Tech Outlook brings you companies that provide cutting-edge employer branding consultation/services in Europe. With several client success stories, these nimble consultation/services firms are continually proving their abilities in employee branding. We hope this issue helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to drive success.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Employer Branding Consulting/ Services Companies in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Employer Branding Consulting/Services Companies in Europe

  • Founded in 2012, Emine guides modern growth companies in influencing the talent audience through marketing communications. The company does more effective HR marketing work either with clients, on behalf of the client, or under the guidance of the client. Employee Experience Agency Emine specializes in guiding modern growth companies on how to impact and influence their talent target audiences. The company helps build a Modern Employer Brand, guide how to deliver a brand message that is both interesting and relevant to the targeted talents and turn unknown audiences into recruitment leads, happy candidates, inspired employees, and excited customers

  • Branded.Careers


    A Finnish boutique agency that utilises a combination of powerful communication, storytelling, and persuasion marketing techniques to help its clients establish and magnetic employer brand in the market. The company has developed a modern employer brand building concept—Eminent Employer Branding Method—that helps its clients tell the story of their growth, strategic corporate culture, and employee experiences. They help build a modernemployer brand that is both interesting and relevant to the targeted talents and turn unknown audiences into recruitment leads, happy candidates, inspired employees, and excited customers

  • Brandfizz


    Founded in 2016, Brandfizz provides comprehensive support for business goals through the Integrated Employer Branding Strategy and the Integrated and Measurable Employer Branding Strategy. Employer branding knowledge, tools, and practical experience are immediately applicable in three days. From its inception, the company with a team of experts specializes in Employer Branding, ROI in Employer Branding, Employer Branding Workshop, and Employer Branding Community. Through its Integrated Employer Branding Strategy, the enterprise strives to increase the intersection of Identity, Image, and Judgment to develop a credible, attractive, and sustainably effective employer brand. The company is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary

  • Papirfly


    Paper Aircraft is a cloud-based solution that streamlines and quality assure companies’ marketing communications. The companies or other dedicated employees in the chain can easily produce all the materials needed, like advertisements, DMs, store materials, websites, newsletters, and monitor advertisements. With Paper Aircraft, the enterprises ensure that all material created helps to build their brand instead of breaking it down. No matter who prepares the material, the end result will have a professional feel and be in line with the graphic profile of the store or chain. This helps to strengthen the reputation of the companies and helps them reach business goals

  • PathMotion


    PathMotion is a branded discussion platform where selected employees share their career stories to answer candidates’ questions. It generates the persuasive authentic content missing from candidates’ careers site, which can then be shared across your recruitment channels. The company’s software enables candidates to engage with current employees to access the exact information they seek, in the form of an impactful, authentic story. The enterprise complements its candidate engagement features with valuable self-generating content that can be used for their social media or recruitment channels, and powerful data intelligence to ensure that the candidates successfully engage with the right people

  • Potentialpark


    Since 2002, Potentialpark has supported employers with knowledge about candidates and their information-gathering, decision-making, and application processes. As people are the competitive advantage of its time, the company brings the candidates’ voices to the table. The enterprise equips employers with a knowledge-driven road map to become fit for demographic shift and digitalization. In this way, it helps companies to innovate communication so that the right people find, engage, and join them. It brings employers and candidates closer to one another. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, the company’s team is as international as its projects

  • steam


    Steam is the creative agency for employer branding and advertising. The company turns employers into brands. From regional healthcare institutions to ministries and startups, the enterprise works with everyone who uses employer branding to perform better. With a team of professionals, it brings employers to life among most wanted target groups. Steam is an independent agency that believes in collaboration with customers and partners in media, production, and anyone who can advance a brand. The company, with its team of experts, specializes in employer branding, job branding, candidate journey, and content creation

  • Symphony Talent

    Symphony Talent

    Symphony Talent has redefined how employers and talent are connecting. By applying data-driven consumer marketing best practices to Talent Acquisition, the company provides personalized engagement between the employer brand and candidates through smart technology and creative solutions. At the same time, they also simplify and streamline the process recruiters go through every day to find, screen, and manage the right candidates. For decades Symphony Talents have been helping organizations of all sizes, in all industries, to amplify and leverage the power of their employer brands. So whether their client needs to start from the beginning with EVP development, establish a compelling people proposition or bring their existing employer brand in line with the expectations of the candidate and employee, they can count on them to deliver

  • TMP Worldwide

    TMP Worldwide

    TMP Worldwide is a future-focused company with a fantastic track record of delivering for clients and a rich heritage of industry firsts. The company has progressed every single day, developing new technology and revolutionizing the industry. Today, they are a global innovator in talent acquisition that leverages software, strategy, and creativity to build and deploy our clients’ employer brands. Moreover, the company also has revolutionized the way companies and candidates connect. Furthermore, their TalentBrew Career Sites are even fully branded, device-responsive, and socially enabled, allowing the job seekers to find jobs during any time of the day and night, all backed by dedicated teams

  • Universum


    UNIVERSUM is a globally recognized Employer Branding company as they conduct the world’s most extensive research study on talent career expectations. The company also assists the employers to understand, attract, and retain current and future ideal employees utilizing our experience, knowledge, and services within research, strategic consulting, and media solutions. The company’s goal is to create the best possible match between employers and talent by providing knowledge, guidance, and actionable insights. Moreover, the data, ideas, and advice provided by the company have shaped Employer Branding and assisted companies from all over the globe in their efforts to attract, recruit, and retain the right talent